Early Detection Saves Lives

Check regularly and be safe. Most ADHD  situations  are 100% curable if detected at the early stage.

Why Adhd med shop

Adhdmedshop is a premier, full-service, Adhd-pharmacy leader with unmatched personalized service for over 30 years. With over 100 years of combined Adhd  expertise, the Adhdmedshop Team proudly provides all your Add/Adhd  medication needs and beyond for all families.

Pricing and Financing Options on Adhd Medications

Need help maximizing the prescription portion of your insurance benefits or discuss money-saving programs? These options are specifically designed to help reduce the financial burden for the medications you are prescribed throughout your Adhd treatment and are customized to best serve your needs.

Adhd Support Services

Our support services include the trusted guidance of clinical and wellness experts. With a passion to help serve the Adhd community, our whole body wellness philosophy extends from expertise in nursing, nutrition, clean beauty, naturopathic, herbal, and holistic health.

Our Brands

Adhdmedshop is focused on Adhd conditions. Our co-brand seamlessly complements the wellness journey with a spotlight on integrative health, supplements, clean beauty, and motherhood and baby support. The Adhdmedshop brands serve to help educate, inform, and empower women, children, adults and families.

Prescription Compounding

We have a full-service sterile state of the art compounding lab, we customize medications according to your specifications


A Full Service ADHD Pharmacy

For 30 years and counting, our focus is a compassionate approach to providing you all your Adhd medications including compounding medications from our full-service sterile state-of-the-art compounding lab. Best prices, best service, from your friendly neighborhood Adhd pharmacy. Located in CA, we proudly offer SAME DAY DELIVERY in the  CA area and service customers in many other states as well with OVERNIGHT shipping available.

Convenient & Fast Delivery

SAME DAY DELIVERY for the California area and OVERNIGHT shipping across the country.


Financing Programs

Payment plan and finance options available to help reduce the financial burden of Adhd medications.


Best Pricing

Working collaboratively with your doctor, insurance, and manufacturers to maximize your savings and offer money-saving discounts.


24/7 Clinican Support Line

Our nurses and pharmacists are always available to assist you with your needs. Call us anytime.