As most of our patients know, sources the world for affordable, safe and authentic medications.

Adhdmedshop  implements a number of safety procedures and supplier vetting protocols and has successfully supplied millions of prescription and non-prescription products to consumers for more than a decade.

When it comes to our affiliated suppliers, we review among other things, proper fulfillment procedures, government approvals and product pedigree. We are proudly certified by the US International Pharmacy Association and the International Pharmacy Association of British Columbia. is also the most reviewed and independently five-star rated online pharmacy in the world. Purchases at adhdmedshop are independently guaranteed through the Norton Shopping Guarantee. Learn much more on our About Us page.

It may surprise patients to know that the number of suppliers through which we procure products is necessarily small and our vetting criteria means we have only approved a single new supplier application in the past several years. It is very important to maintain a small list of approved suppliers that are well-established pharmaceutical procurement specialists who are keenly aware of their local markets and who have robust supply capabilities. We only affiliate with pharmacies and international fulfillment centers that meet the US International Pharmacy Association’s stringent safety protocols. These facilities are located in various countries, including but not limited to, Canada, the United Kingdom, Mauritius and Turkey.

Adhdmedshop patients can rest assured that we have the expertise and commitment to help ensure your drugs come from safe, reliable and affordable sources.

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